Classic Restored Videos

These videos were found in my basement again recently. One VHS tape contained all three of these. It is a 3rd generation copy thanks to the crappy technology available to us in 1996 in Ft Dodge. I have restored the videos as much as possible using the latest software available. These are the compressed flash versions for your viewing pleasure. Coming soon: iPod / iPhone versions and a downloadable DVD. Enjoy.

HRWF Championship

The original uncut version of the classic video shown to the entire school for a class project. This was the second take; the first version was destroyed unfortunately. Unless someone can find it, however I can't. The original was shot in my backyard - this is sort of reflected in the credits as you can see names of people that didn't appear in the video. There are definitely some classic quotes in this one. Flagship Phil can't be messed with.

The Making Of HRWF

The making of HRWF video on the ICCC campus with the rest of the class. I wish I had the actual news video we made where we brought into Biederman's mustang. If I remember right, that was a solid video. Pischke, I still have to ask what was going through your head when you did that head bob... right by Heider.

Random Collection Of Marketing Commercials

This was a random set of commercials for some marketing class we took as seniors in 1996. I have no idea what the point of this class was or why the hell we were shooting videos of jeans and my car. Good stuff.

Update: Matt Chorpening reminded me that I didn't take this class, but assisted in the production of the final video he turned in for the class. That makes me feel better, as I could not recall a single thing about this class that I figured I had to have taken at some point :)